Love, Money, Happiness, Luck, Protection, Power, Success !


7 Fabulous Powers to finally allow you to reach for the days of happiness that you desire.

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This is the Medal that can radically turn around your whole life ! Suit a blein particular for those who want to see real change! Agree to wear this Mysterious Magic Medal which could very well turn around your life !


Take advantage of the blinding SECRETS and POWERS of the 7 Planets Medal, to see your life change so quickly and in such a positive way, and to see your hopes of wealth, luck, love and happiness all become reality.

Take this step towards the changes that you've been waiting for, to help you to resolve your problems, and make life fantasticly beautiful for yourself, full of success and luck. Such is the MAGIC, BENEFICIAL POWER of the Medal with it's 7 Amazing, Secret Powers, that all of this is possible !

While you join the other people who win in life, and while you sieze the happiness that usually escapes you, this Medal will always be close at your side (even closer than you would imagine). The 7 Planets Medal could very quickly bring you all of this!

It can allow you to enter with ease, into the circle of privaledged people who possess and benefit from the powerfull positive magnetism which places them on a radiating orbit of Luck, success and Glory.

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As you know, we all possess a reserve of positive magnesium, which is either reinforced, or it may deteriorate, according to the amount of difficulties in life. But what most of us ignore is that this magnesium which becomes defficient, can recharge itself with ease, in certain well defined conditions.

Our planet, the Earth, is continuously subjected to a powerful magnetic radience, and we can turn this to our advantage, provided that we know how. The MEDAL OF THE SEVEN PLANETS, possesses in it's centre, a very powerful magnetic nucleus, capable of capturing the positive magnetic waves, andallowing those who possess the Medal profit from them.

I would like it to be your turn, to experience the happiness that comes with having such a possetion, as I know that with the 7 Planets Medal, there isn't just one, but millions of CHANCES to sieze, immense POSSIBILITIES to exploit. Multiple oppotunities to lose loose out on, in all areas of life, if you don't find and conserve of your POSITIVE MAGNETISM !

So, if you would like success, take advantage right now, of the immense occult and magnetic protection of the SECRET POWERS in the 7 Planets Medal, in all areas of life: LOVE, MONEY, HAPPINESS, LUCK, POWER, PROTECTION AND SUCCESS !

The unbelievable Strength of the MAGIC POWERS of the 7 Planets Magic Medal,
can influence, without any limits, on NEGATIVE environments, or on unsucessful love affairs, and on the improving of the most desperate situations !

This, for you, presents a unique OPPORTUNITY for you to say "GOODBYE" to a negative destiny and to sorrow, and say "HELLO" to the Joy of Life and to HAPPINESS !


With the Magic Power of the 7 Planets Medal, it's 7 well guarded SECRETS produce a gem power, so that magnetic waves full of fantastic effects, benefit those who possess the Medal.

You have nothing to lose, so try the beneficial MAGNETIC effects of the 7 SECRET powers in the SEVEN Planet MAGIC Medal, MAGNITISED specially for you !

SIMPLY READ about the influence of magnetism, and just a few minutes from now, you will understand why certain men have all the success so easily, why they swim in gold and in jewelery, and make so much money, as they aren't particularly more intelligent than most people and they don't have more diplomas than others.

You are also about to quickly understand why certain women attract men as easily and quickly as honey attracts bees. And yet these women aren't more beautiful, nor more intelligent or experienced, nor more elegant than the majority of the other women.

The answer is that these privaledged people all have one important thing incommon, that the others don't have, just one thing, which is the power with which they emit or recieve magnetic waves.

In fact we are all, at the same time, emmiting and recieving magnetic waves, and the most scholarly and distinguished Physicians of the XXe century recognised this. In fact, from the minute we are born, during our wholelives, and until the moment before death, we are permanently, night and day, being thrown into a true bath of magnetic waves.

Some come from far off stars, some are simply produced from the earth on whichwe live, and others come to be around us, from our friends, from our neighbours, or finally, simply from objects charged with permanent MAGNETISM !

Amongst this multitude of waves moving around us, some emit enthusiastic and lively messages which produce places of real happiness, pleasant, fresh and green,and show that certain geographical places are blessed by the Gods, where life has been peaceful, sweet and privaledged for centuries.The things that are important in a place, are very much neccesary for man, and also for you.

Day after day you are exposed, whether you like it or not, to a mountain of either beneficial or ill-spirited waves. If by misfortune it is this lastgroup which reaches you with it's full strength, you are without defence, as weak as a newly born lamb, your life knowing nothing but suffering, a sucession of failures, a life made up of accidents, lies, solitude and despair.

If, on the contrary, the positive waves are the stronger waves, and if they impose their law, they can open up for you the doors to a better world, an enchanted world. You will finally be the person that you have always dreamed of being.

You will finally have what you recognisably deserve, and your natural qualities appreciated. Day after day, one after the other, you would see pile up, the beneficial side of existance: money, love, and the joy of life will stick to you, like iron sticks to a magnet, and won't let go !

Yes, it is true that you can protect yourself today from the destructive waves, as fast and as efficiently as one can be protected from Cholera, Plagues or Rabies with a simple vaccination.

And for this vaccination against negative, harmful waves and to allow you to recieve the positive, magnetic waves, simply agree to recieve the 7 Planets Magic Medal, in order to take advantage of its 7 MAGIC POWERS. Love, Money, Happiness, Luck, Protection, Power, Success !

These 7 Fabulous powers will allow you to finally know the happy days that you desire ! This is the Medal which could very easily turn around your whole life in a radical way !

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